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16 Apr 2024
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The Texas coast serves as a winter safe haven for a significant portion of the remaining whooping crane population. There is an annual Whooping Crane Festival in Port Aransas that celebrates these majestic and rare birds as they return to their winter home. Book your stay for the next festival date, February 22–25, 2024, with Life In Paradise Vacation Rentals. Our Port Aransas vacation rentals offer a personalized alternative to traditional hotels. 


You will be able to find the ideal Port Aransas vacation rental for your, and your travel companions needs with our selection of rentals featuring included golf cart rentals, beach access, private pools, and more. Choose between condo rentals, private homes, townhome rentals, and even pet-friendly options! We can’t wait to welcome you to the unique charm and beauty of Mustang Island!

5 Fun Facts About the Texas Coast Whooping Cranes

  1. Whooping Cranes are easy to spot as the tallest birds in North America, standing at nearly five feet! Their impressive wingspan can measure up to eight feet. 

  2. The Whooping Crane population that travels between Canada and the Texas Coast is some of the last of its kind

  3. The Texas Whooping Crane population that spends winter on the Texas Coast typically arrives in October. They then begin their 2,500-mile migration journey to Canada in Wood Buffalo National Park either in mid-March or April. 

  4. Whooping Cranes can be identified by their elegant appearance. They are mostly white with black wingtips and a lovely rust-red crown. 

  5. Whooping Cranes truly are love birds. Beginning at ages two or three, they will find their partner for life. The courting process includes lively dancing with moves such as leaping, wing flapping, head tossing, and flinging feathers and grass.

Mark Your Calendar for the Annual Whooping Crane Festival

The Whooping Crane Festival in Port Aransas is a great opportunity to learn about the Whooping Crane population that spends winter on the Texas Coast. Mark your calendar for the next upcoming festival on February 22–25, 2024. For four days, you will get to enjoy birding events such as boat tours, lecture series, workshops, bus tours, art classes, laying tours, theatrical performances, walking tours, and much more!

Book your stay with Life In Paradise Vacation Rentals to visit the winter home of some of the last Whooping Cranes!