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4 Jun 2024
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Discover the Eight Wonders of Port Aransas, Texas—a journey through history, culture, and natural beauty that offers a unique glimpse into this vibrant coastal community's soul. Life in Paradise Vacation Rentals is your gateway to relaxation and adventure. Find your perfect home away from home in our curated collection of Port Aransas vacation rentals. Whether you prefer a private home, a beachfront condo, a private pool, beach access, or pet-friendly options, we have it all. Book your stay with us and start your journey to exploring the wonders of Port Aransas today!

Explore the Eight Wonders of Port Aransas, Texas

  1. Aransas Pass Light Station: Aransas Pass is one of the few openings leading to the port of Corpus Christi. Construction of the lighthouse began in 1854 and was first illuminated in 1857. You can learn more about one of the most iconic wonders of Port Aransas, Texas, and its history on Port Aransas Museum’s self-guided tour.

  2. Farley Boat Works: In the 1880s, the Farley family settled on Mustang Island, and their ventures flourished and became an integral part of the island's community. The Port Aransas Museum has resurrected the Farley Boat Works as a living exhibit, allowing visitors to experience the shop's daily operations and observe the boat-building process.

  3. The University of Texas Marine Science Institute: Established in 1941, The University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute is one of the Texas coast's oldest and most important marine research facilities. UT Marine Science Institute manages Mission Aransas Reserve, which spans 185,708 acres and includes various wetland, terrestrial, and marine environments. 

  4. The Port Aransas Jetties: It took five attempts and 50 years to create the Port Aransas Jetties. Finally, in 1910, the town changed its name from Tarpon to Port Aransas after accomplishing the task of building functional jetties. You can learn more on the Port Aransas Museum's self-guided tour of the eight wonders of Port Aransas.

  5. Chapel in the Dunes: The Little Chapel, built by Aline Carter in 1937, is a white church on a sand dune in Port Aransas. It's the oldest consecrated church on Mustang Island. Artist John Cobb painted Bible scenes on the chapel's ceiling in the 1970s. Today, the Port Aransas Museum offers tours, special church services, and occasional weddings.

  6. The Tarpon Inn: Built in 1886, this is the oldest structure on Mustang Island. It was originally a Civil War barracks converted into a hotel during the final phase of the Jetties' construction. 

  7. The Port Aransas Museum: Explore the exhibits, pictures, displays, and movies that showcase the island's history. Admission is free, but donations are welcome to help preserve the history of the wonders of Port Aransas, Texas.

  8. The Last Farley Boat: Farleys sold their business to Steve Janovski, and he started building a boat but had to close his shop. James Mayfield bought the unfinished hull to use as a charter boat but never completed it. He turned the hull into a unique roof when he needed a workshop.

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