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At Life In Paradise Vacation Rentals we want to inform our customers and owners that we are working hard to provide the safest vacation experience possible despite the reality of the coronavirus that is impacting parts of our country. 

What are we doing to limit possible exposure to coronavirus for our guests and employees?

  1. Safe travel, 99% of our guests travel to Port A or North Padre in the security of their own vehicles with the same people they are around at home.
  2. We are allowing guests to go directly to their vacation rental property without coming by our office. We are just asking that guests send a copy of the driver’s license via text so we can verify identities prior to arrival and we will send check-in information including door codes.
  3. Our housekeeping manager, Sheila is a registered nurse and always works with her cleaning staff to clean and disinfect our rental properties like you would in a hospital. We are using the same hospital dilution bleach ratio to clean hard surfaces.
  4. Our linens and towels have always been washed in heavy-duty professional machines with water temperatures approaching 160 degrees. Along with professional-grade detergent and chemicals, we are confident our process insures the safest environment at our properties.
  5. Our vast beaches provide a very safe and fun environment for a family vacation.
  6. Just as we are doing at our properties, we are using bleach and water to clean our golf carts to allow our customers to rest easy when enjoying their vacation.


At Life In Paradise Vacation Rentals we are very sympathetic to others in the travel industry that are suffering a slowdown because of the crowded nature of staying at large hotels, and traveling via cruise ships and airlines. We just wanted to point out the safe option a beach vacation provides at a single-family vacation rental property.


Thank You,

Life In Paradise Vacation Rentals